Looking for the best drone under 200 dollars?

Unfortunately, this is the price range where a lot of crappy drones flood the market, and if you aren't careful, you may get ripped off by an "Ali-Express Special."

Luckily for you, there are some gems hidden in the rough, and this is why we're identifying the top 6 drones under $200 list currently available on the market in 2021.

In the table below, we list the drones that we would recommend to our friends and family, depending on their budget and needs.

Best Under $200 Drones for 2021

Our #1 Rated

Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for Adults with 4K UHD...

DJI Mavic Air 2

"The Best Camera Drone For $200"

  • This drone is equipped with a 4K Camera that can shoot videos at 16 frames per second.
  • With an average flight time of 32 minutes, you’ll successfully capture the beauties of various landscapes.
  • With the Smart Return Home mode, you won’t have to worry about losing your drone ever again!

Our #2 Rated

DJI Mavic Mini 2

“Best Upgrade Option”

  • Launched to Target Black Friday, DJI has rocked the competition with The Mavi Mini2 Upgrade
  • The Flight Time is 31 minutes, and the range is 10 km, with a 4K perfectly stablized 30/60 fps camera
  • This drone currently dominates anything in the $300-600 midrange drone market, and will probably sell out this Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Our #3 Rated

Ruko F11 Pro FHD

"Cheapest Proper 4K Drone"

  • The Ruko F11 Pro offers a 4K UHD Camera with an FPV mode.
  • The Flight Time goes up to 60 minutes (30 mins per battery), and has a decent flight range.
  • It's a great Budget Drone for beginners and youngsters who want to get some experience with aerial photography and videograpgy!

What To Expect From A Drone

In order to get the best bang for your buck, it’s important to be aware of the average specifications and features of the products under such price and category.

Average Flight Time

Nowadays, a drone under $200 should have an average flight time of 9 to 12 minutes. Of course, some brands focus on an increased flight time as a selling factor, while others prioritize other specifications or features. However, most drones on this list already feature a 10+ minutes flight time.

Disclaimer: Smaller drones will have a flight time more towards the lower side of this spectrum, mainly due to the power of the battery. Although large drones can also have low flight time due to a high payload.

Average Control Range

We all love a drone that flies way past eyesight and stuns the crowd with its distance. Nowadays, most drones within this budget already have an amazing control distance of around 100 to 300 meters. There's no need to worry about losing it - most come with a Return to Home Feature.

Average Performance

Drones within this price range already present an amazing performance, providing a very stable and steady hover combined with responsive controls and enough power to fight windy conditions. For this top 6 list, we have only picked the ones which perform above average when compared to others of the same price.

Average Features

Yes, you can expect a neat set of features in nearly all drones on this list. We are talking about everything from common features such as Auto Return, Obstacle Avoidance, Low Battery Alarm, Headless Mode, LED Lights, One Key Auto Takeoff and Landing, Altitude Hold, and 360 Degrees Aerial Stunt.

But that's not all - stuff like Selfie Mode, Orbit Mode, Waypoints Auto-Flight, and Follow Me are all available in nearly all drones listed below!

Average Camera Quality

Most of the best drones under $200 already come with good quality image cameras and Live Video transmission. You'll have the ability to get some aerial footage and photos that you can proudly share online with your family and friends.

On the other hand, most of these drones are powerful enough to carry a GoPro camera, which we strongly advise if you're looking for 4K and HD quality footage and if you're looking for better camera quality, you can head to the top drones under $1000 list on our site!

Top 6 Best Camera Drones Under $200

Lets get to it then, here's our the best drones under $200, tested and reviewed:

1. Holy Stone HS510 Drone - Our Top Pick

Holy Stone HS510

The name Holy Stone has become synonymous with "quality at a reasonable price" in the drone market. You've probably heard about at least one Holy Stone drone before you came here.  

With that in mind, the Holy Stone HS510 is the go-to model for people that want to learn how to fly a drone - and wish to accomplish that without spending too much money.

Still, the question remains: 

Does Holy Stone make drones as good as everyone makes them out to be, or is it nothing but a passing hype? 

While there's no denying that Holy Stone offers some advanced, feature-rich drones at affordable prices, I try my best to avoid generalizations. 

Instead, let's look at it one drone at a time – like in this Holy Stone HS510 review. Here's an in-depth analysis of its specs, features, and everything else that makes it stand out in the highly competitive market.  


The Holy Stone HS510 comes fitted with a 7.6V Li-Po 1500 mAh battery, which should be enough for a maximum flight time of 16 minutes on a single charge. 

The battery performance isn't exactly industry-leading, but it sure blows some of the competing beginner-friendly quadcopters out of the water. 

Plus, I'd say that the flight time is long enough for beginners to get the hang of piloting a drone!

Even if you end up pushing your drone to its absolute limits, you'll be glad to hear that it features not one but two rechargeable batteries. 

How is that beneficial?

One, the addition of the second battery ups the drone's flight time to 32 minutes total. And two, you don't have to wait for the battery to recharge before you can continue your adventure. 

It takes around 150 minutes for the battery to recharge once it runs out of juice, which can be a pretty long wait when all you want is to keep on flying. Then again, spare batteries are available – and getting the third one is always an option.  

It’s easy to fly - which makes it ideal for beginners - and offers a hard-to-beat experience of capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

The HS510 gets bonus points for the compact-but-stylish design of the remote controller. The LCD screen displays vital in-flight information, including the battery status, and the drone's distance and altitude. 

The relatively compact remote controller, which relies on low-latency 2.4 GHz frequency, can maintain the drone's connection within a range of up to 600 to 800 meters. Switching to FPV real-time video transmission cuts the field down to 200 to 300 meters, though.

As with any other drone, you should fly it in open, obstacle-free spaces to get the best possible range.

 Holy Stone HS510

The controller unit is powered by two AA batteries, which can be considered an advantage because you don't have to wait for it to recharge. On the flip side, disposable batteries aren't exactly eco-friendly; this isn't necessarily a downside, merely something to keep in mind.


The HS510 is a camera-equipped quadcopter, featuring a 4K Ultra HD camera with a 120-degree wide field of view. 

It's capable of taking crystal-clear aerial photography, and can shoot 4K videos at 16 frames per second or 2.7K videos at 25 frames per second, depending on the storage you're using. 

The camera has single-axis gimbal stabilization, which isn't as effective as a three-axis gimbal. So, the videos will likely come out a bit shakier than you'd prefer. You get to adjust the camera angle by up to 90 degrees – but only manually. Once the HS510 is in the air, there's not much you can do.  

Oh, and one more thing: 

The HS510 allows you to see the world from the bird's eye perspective – and in real-time, too – with low-latency 5G-enabled FPV video transmission. You'll see everything your quadcopter sees at distances of up to 200 to 300 meters. 


  • Point of Interest
  • Draw a Path
  • Tap Fly
  • Optical Flow Positioning
  • Smart Return Home
  • PROS

    • Easy to use
    • High-quality camera
    • Intelligent flight modes
    • 32-minute flight time


    • It should offer better control stability

    2. Ruko F11 4k Drone - Great Upgrade Drone

    When you’re looking for a good quality drone for a decent price, it can easily become frustrating - especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Finding that ideal drone to add to the cart can become tough if you’re looking for some top-tier performance.

    Then again, the Ruko F11 proves that some drones fly well beyond their price range. 

    We have to admit, something, though: 

    With this entry, we're cheating a little bit. How? 

    Well, at the time of putting together this round-up, this drone costs a tad bit more than 200 dollars. Still, we had to find a spot for this Ruko drone on our list, given that the F11’s general capabilities are closely related to other drones featured here. 

    As you'll soon discover, it offers the same things - only on a better level.


    Why should you even consider this drone if it’s slightly above your price range? 

    Well, whenever we discuss the qualities and performance of a drone, the first thing that pops into everyone’s heads is its battery life and flight time.

    But even though this is arguably the most important aspect of a drone, at the end of the day, most manufacturers can't brag about the flight time of their models - especially not at this price range.

    Yet, with the Ruko F11, the manufacturers didn't slack when it comes to the flight time of this drone.

    The F11 promises up to 30 minutes of flight in calm conditions - which is insane. That alone blew the competition of the “under $200” drones.

    This unit sits firmly at the top of the list as the best camera drone. You’re getting half an hour straight to record something - and if that doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what will. 

    Even if 30 minutes is somehow not enough for you, you'll have the second 2500mAh Lithium Polymer battery at your disposal. 

    So, when you add up the extra time, you can have up to an hour of stable flight with this unit!

    Keep in mind that it usually takes around three hours to charge the battery, though. It’s not ideal, but we’ll take it.

    What about the control range of this drone? We're glad to inform you that the Ruko F11 offers a 1200-meter (3937-foot) max control range. 

    Ruko F11 4k Drone

    Again, beyond impressive.

    Go ahead, compare that to the other drones on this list. These numbers are something that most other drones can only dream of accomplishing - and this one offers it without difficulty.

    With a simple, easy-to-use controller included in the package, you shouldn’t have any trouble maneuvering this drone, regardless of your experience.

    Just keep in mind that exceeding the control range limit might shut the connection between the drone and the controller; don’t get too carried away.


    Okay, here’s a piece of advice. When you’re drone-shopping, it's important to remember that a good camera goes a long way. 

    You may not expect a lot from a budget-friendly drone like this one, and yet, once again, the Ruko F11 manages to exceed all your expectations with the camera quality it brings to the table. 

    The 90-degree angle camera boasts 4K resolution and will capture photos with exceptional clarity. Even the smallest details won't escape this powerful camera. As for the videos this drone can record, they are in 2K resolution. 

    The uniaxial gimbal with shock absorbers is the cherry on top, offering concrete stability - even in challenging weather conditions.


  • Tap Fly and Circle Fly
  • Optical Flow Positioning
  • One tap take-off and landing button
  • 4K resolution
  • GPS Hold
  • PROS

    • Intelligent flight modes
    • High-quality camera
    • Failsafe features
    • Easy to use, extra battery


    • Slightly over $200

    3. Tomzon D40 Drone - Best FPV Drone

    Tomzon D40 Drone

    For the more experienced individuals that are searching for a drone under $200, that's fitted with a powerful camera and multiple intelligent flight modes - we're glad to inform you that this drone might be something that you're looking for here.

    At first glance, it might seem like this unit is fairly similar to most drones found under the price tag of $200 - or even lower.

    But, when we start to discuss the general performance and stability of this unit when it's in the air, you'll soon realize why this drone is one of the hottest things on the market right now.


    Were you ever in a situation where you had to pay close attention to your watch and keep track of every single minute that’s passed to calculate how much "life" is left in your drone before it collapses to the ground?

    Or the difficulties of trying to find your drone when it crashes somewhere because it ran out of juice?

    Well, we think that’s not going to be an issue - ever again.

    With the Auto Return Home feature, this drone will be "aware" of every second of flight time, carefully calculating when the battery will drain completely. And once it determines that the time is nearly up, the Auto Return Home feature will kick in.

    What does that mean?

    When the battery gets low, the signal is lost, or you press one-key return, the drone will automatically stop whatever it’s doing and immediately head back to you. So, in short, there’s no chance of running out of juice mid-flight.

    You no longer need to worry about where and how to find your drone when the batteries die - because they won’t. Well, at least not while the drone is still in the air.

    While we're on the topic of the battery, did you know that the Lithium-Ion battery in the D40 drone will power the device and allow it to fly your drone for up to 27 minutes?

    So, the only thing you'll need to worry about is not to distance yourself from the drone by more than 800 meters (or 2624.6 feet). That’s the point at which the connection between the remote controller and the drone could break.

    And yet, even if that happens, the Auto Return Home mechanism will kick in. But, just to be safe: 

    Tomzon D40 Drone - Best FPV Drone

    Try to stick to the specified control range.

    You do have to charge the battery for at least three hours, though. Oh, well. Leave it overnight, and you’ll be good. 

    Also, this unit can even enter the Point of Interest mode, adding to a long list of smart flight features.  


    A camera drone under $200 needs to offer at least 720p HD camera resolution. Well, this one not only meets but exceeds those expectations: 

    You’re looking at a drone with a 4K camera. 

    Well, that’s only partially true. It captures high-quality photos in 4K resolution, but video recording is “limited” to 2K at 25 frames per second. 

    What’s more impressive is the electric image stabilization that reduces shakiness and ensures smooth aerial footage. 

    And with a 5GHz FPV transmission and a 135 degrees adjustable lens, the possibilities with this drone are limitless. 


  • Auto Return Home
  • Tap Fly
  • Upgraded Remote Controller
  • Point of Interest
  • 135 degrees adjustable lens
  • Image Stabilization
  • PROS

    • High-quality camera
    • Complete FPV package
    • Fun to fly, Price


    • Short Bluetooth range

    4. Holy Stone HS440 Drone - Best Beginner-Friendly Drone

    Holy Stone HS440

    If you don't want anything fancy and a drone with a 1080p HD camera is more than enough to meet your needs, you've come to the right spot. Allow us to introduce you to the Holy Stone HS440 - one of those beginner-friendly units that still have a few cards up their sleeve.

    With a price tag of just over a hundred dollars, we were pretty surprised by the general characteristics of this drone and everything it offers to its users. Why? 

    Well, most of them are things that are only usually found on drones that are, at the very least, $50 more expensive than this one right here.

    We know that HS440 sounds too good to be true. So, let's dive into the specs of this budget-friendly yet phenomenal drone:


    Most people will be quick to assume that a drone with a price tag this low won't have a flight time - let alone other flight features - good enough to make it worth buying. And most people will be wrong. 

    Prepare to be impressed:

    This little guy packs up to 20 minutes of flight time per charge. 

    And that’s not even the best part. Since the HS440 comes with two Lithium Polymer batteries, you'll have the ability to stay in the air for up to 40 minutes. That sounds like lots of fun, to be honest.

    What’s not so fun is that you’re in for a three-hour charge time after each and every adventure.

    But here’s some good news about these batteries: 

    You can find them almost everywhere, and they are relatively cheap. Consider buying an extra one to up the total flight time to an hour!

    When talking about HS440, the thing that most people tend to talk about is the Gesture Control mode integrated into this drone.

    Whenever you find yourself wanting to take a picture but don't wish to hold the remote controller in your hands, you can simply turn on the Gesture Control mode.

    To put it simply: 

    Raise your hand and make a simple gesture directly at the drone’s camera. The camera will pick it up and immediately start recording everything - you, your friends, and the landscape surrounding you. 

    And if you wish to stop filming, perform the same hand gesture, and the device will stop recording after a few seconds.

    It’s that simple.

    Another thing that most people love about this drone is the Tap Fly mode.

     Holy Stone HS440 Drone

    What this mode does is allows you to set your drone to fly along a specific, previously set path, traveling back and forth within a fixed distance.

    You can capture stunning shots and document mesmerizing sceneries using the drone’s wide-angle full HD camera. Just remember that you're limited to the 328-foot max range between you and the drone. 

    We’d like to mention a few more notable modes before moving onto the camera. The HS440 drone features Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, and Return to Home, making it super-easy to fly.


    As we previously mentioned, the HS440 features a decent 1080p HD auto-adjustable camera with a 140-degree wide-angle lens capable of capturing high-resolution pictures and videos. 

    The 90-degree adjustable lens can be set via the remote control and will give you the ability to see the world from a different angle - especially when you throw FPV transmission into the mix.

  • Auto-Adjustable Camera
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Gesture Control
  • Tap Fly
  • 40 Minutes of Flight
  • PROS

    • Live video
    • Ease of use, extra battery
    • Price


    • Low range

    5. Potensic D58 Drone - Unrivaled Battery Life

    Potensic D58 Drone

    Are you searching for the best drones under $200 that combine excellent battery life, a few smart flight features, and safe and stable flight? Then this Potensic drone might just be the one that you're looking for - even if the price tag nails the top of the range.

    It genuinely is a powerful quadcopter - in every sense of the word - and it promises a pretty impressive range of aerial capabilities, especially given its more-than-reasonable price. 

    But enough with the intro. Here’s what makes the Potensic D58 worth considering. 


    We know it’s a matter of preference, but you might find this drone more appealing than most others - and here's why: 

    The Potensic D58 manages to suit both beginners and experts!

    What does that mean?

    Well, for starters, if you're new to drones and don't have anyone to help you out and show you the ropes, you'll appreciate how easy to fly this drone is, thanks to its many integrated features.

    A single key is all it takes to have a safe take-off and landing. And to add to it, you also get various modes, such as Altitude Hold, Follow Me, and Return to Home. 

    Until you fully master the vast possibilities hidden within this drone, you can rely on these features to make it easier to control - and fly your drone with confidence.

    And what about the more experienced users? 

    Well, then, feel free to dive into the more advanced setting. 

    For instance, you have three speed modes made explicitly for the more knowledgeable individuals - those who wish to challenge themselves and push the drone to its absolute limits. 

    Potensic D58 Drone

    All of this is backed by a set of two Lithium-Ion batteries that offer up to 36 minutes of stable flight time combined.

    With those batteries and an excellent remote controller, it can be considered a real performance-oriented drone. 


    Taking aerial photos is made easy with the 4K 120 degrees wide-angle camera that will capture even the slightest of details. We would’ve preferred better stabilization, though - but maybe we’re asking too much at this point. 

    It’s worth noting that it also offers 90-degree camera adjustability and comes with an SD card slot compatible with any 4-32GB micro SD cards. Oh, and it also supports 5G WiFi transmission.

    An impressive, little camera-equipped GPS drone, huh?


  • Easy Operation
  • 2 Detachable Batteries
  • Customized Carrying Case
  • 4k Resolution
  • GPS and WiFi
  • PROS

    • Ease of use, storage unit
    • Good battery life
    • Single-key operation


    • The price point is at the very top

    6. Holy Stone HS165 Drone - Best Budget Drone

    Holy Stone HS165

    It should be clear by now that the Holy Stone is the go-to manufacturer when it comes to drones - even the birds in the trees know it. So, we'll end this list with one of their low-end products, the HS165. 

    Low-end doesn’t mean low-quality, though. So, don't interpret the last position of this drone on our round-up as a bad thing. 

    This might be a budget drone, but it still offers decent performance, responsiveness, and everything else you might expect from a modern-day quadcopter. There’s a reason why it earned the title of one of the best-selling drones under $150. 

    So, take a look and discover what makes this drone worthy of being on our list: 


    Okay, I’ll start with one of the essential features found in most mid and high-end drones offer - the so-called Follow-Me mode. Why? 

    Because some low-end drones offer this handy mode, too, and one of these models is no other than the HS165.

    Most people rely on the remote control to fly their drones - and while that might be the standard, it’s not the only way to maintain control over your drone. The Follow-me mode exists for a reason, people - and it’s ideal for beginners, might we add. 

    Anyway, we highly suggest that you give this mode a chance.

    As the name implies, it tells the drone to follow you around. So, whether you’re walking, running, or hiking - a drone set to this mode will stick by you, taking photos and videos as you go.

    All these features are made possible - as in, powered - by the state-of-the-art Lithium Polymer battery. As for the actual flight time, you’re looking at roughly 15 minutes. It’s not ground-breaking, but it will be 15 minutes of pure fun, that’s for sure. 

    Plus, you can double that amount by using the second battery that, by the way, comes included with this drone for beginners.

    Holy Stone HS165

    And what about the control range?

    Well, it’s not that impressive - but it will do. You should aim to remain within the 400m horizontal and 120m vertical boundaries; these are the maximum limits when it comes to the drone’s range. 

    Anything beyond that will force the drone to shut down immediately.

    The Holy Stone never disappoints when it comes to making the best drones that are fun and easy to fly and safe to operate. 

    With the Altitude Hold mode, the drone can maintain a specific height along its flight path better than many drones in this price range. Even more so, it features two speed modes, Headless Mode, and more.


    What about aerial photos and videos? 

    To our absolute amazement, this drone can capture pictures with the advanced 2K HD camera and 90-degree wide-angle lens. You can even lower the resolution down to the more "reasonable" 1080p HD camera - a handy feature if you wish to film something with higher frame rates. 

    Oh, and did we mention that it also transmits live video via WiFi?


  • Follow-Me Mode
  • Orbit Mode
  • Tap Fly
  • Altitude hold
  • One Key Takeoff And Landing
  • PROS

    • 2K camera
    • Low price, easy to use
    • Intelligent flight modes


    • Range
    • Low battery


    Okay, guys, we've reached the end of the road. But, before we depart, let us know in the comments below which drone you are buying!

    It's in our interest to guide you on how to invest money when buying a drone, as making one wrong move might lead you to purchase a bad drone for your overall needs.

    If you didn't find a drone that interests you, then we suggest that you check out our drones under $300 review.

    Share us with your drone enthusiast friends on Facebook and tell them what you have learned here today!

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